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PFA six color Auxiliary cardboard box printing machine KeShengLong

PFA six color Auxiliary cardboard box printing machine KeShengLong

Company Advantages
1. The cardboard box printing machine is made of cardboard box printing machine. To this, the designers added a stunning flexo printing machine for corrugated carton made of cardboard die cutting machine for additional work space. Keshenglong Computerized Die Cutting Machine is designed and made to high quality and safety standard,with the advantages of high speed, auto control and quick order shift
2. All carton printing machine are backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Having dedicated in carton making machinery for about 20 years, Keshenglong has established a comprehensive set of industrial chain ranging from R&D to after-sale services ensuring that our customers receive super quality machines and services.
3. Guangzhou Keshenglong Carton Packing Machine Co.,Ltd. has first hand experience at tapping into our existing supply chain to meet your aggressive product price points. fitted with a wide variety of advanced facilities such as gantry processing center, CNC lathe and plasma cutting machine, Keshenglong can assure you our qualified capacity
4. KeShengLong corrugated flexo printing machine can process printing on corrugated cardboard into corrugated carton machine more easily than other machines. With many years' perseverance in customer-centric and innovative manufacturing and services as well as continuous development, Keshenglong has won great praises in the market and been awarded many titles and reputations during these years.
5. Every manufacturing step of our carton making machine is in tune with international standards, resulting in reduced maintenance cost for our customers, KeShengLong Is The Company In Charge Of Manufacturing And Sales Of corrugated box printing machine.


1. MAX speed:200 sheets /min

2. Feeding Specification

A. MAX Sheet Size:1600mm*3000mm

B. MIN Sheet Size:300mm*600mm

3. MAX Stack length:1700mm

4. MAX stock:4 stack/plate

5. MAX Stack height:1800mm

6. MAX Stack load:1600kg

7. Fork length:1600 mm(4pcs)

8. Feeding Method: Single-plate type for small size and Imbricated type for large size.

A. Sheet size: within 1200mm-apply for Single-plate type by manual

B. Sheet size: more than 1200mm-apply for manual Imbricated type (running speed 100pcs/min)

9. Feeding mode: by manual push –non-dynamitic roller system/ dynamitic roller

10. System(auto feeding)

11. Operation mode: single person operate

12. Using Power

A. Oil Pressure: fork topple and revert, fork extended board stretch, Lifting Arm up and down, Fixed Arm up and down.

B. Motor: machine moving, conveyor belt, Fork up and down, front and side baffle moving, fork structure, automatic certering.

C. Pneumatic: back squaring plate, lifting arm back plate, front baffle plate lifting, side baffle plate squaring, vacuum sucker device.

13. Machine movement:4.2m

14. Direction: stand by operation side, face to printer, paper feeding direction from left to right.

15. Others: Fit with printing machine on-line control(feeding,speed adjusting,alarming)*option







     Electrical specification

Each unit of    whole line

Total power: Fixed type    13.5HP


Working    voltage:AC415V


Control    voltage:AC220V

Panel    switch:DC24V。


     Energy Supply

Power source

Max power 11KW


Air pressure    source



Feeding unit

     fork mechanism: feeding by manual

Hydraulic control


Designed by 4 forks, adjust for    various sheet discharging.

Fork mechanism    apply for flexible joint design, it is safety.

Apply for linear    slide rail system

Operation mode: auto(display    screen set),semi    auto, manual control    mode(panel operation)


     Main machine

     Machine moving

Button is motor-driven    combine/separate control

     It can fit with printing machine for on-line control(printing machine back,    whole line back).

Limit switch    protect stroke

Manual and    automatic control setting

Main panel    control system

Machine parts control panel,    automatic function selecting of each unit

     It can fit with printing machine    on-line control (alarming, feeding, speed adjusting).。

Machine    interface data setting, control by manual/auto

     Conveyor belt motor

Main machine speed adjusted by    converter

     It can fit with printing machine on-line control

 Belt width:200mm

Manual and    automatic control setting

Hydraulic system

Apply semi-open type, the effect of    heat dispelling better, easy to maintenance.


working platform

Position by    operation side



     Convey system

     Fixing arm

Hydraulic system button control for    manual and automatic lifting and down.

     It can fit with printing machine on-line

With liquid    valve, more safety

     Front control pane

Manual control fixing arm lifting and    down, extension arm stretch-out, machine moving.


Back plate:    manual and automatic control.

main belt speed:    manual and automatic control(printing machine on-line control)

Slope plate

 Touch display screen: large/small size    mode control


Side support    roll

Adjust manual


Back plate

Pneumatic cylinder working, squaring the sheet, never damage.


Pneumatic cylinder stroke    is 150mm

Manual and    automatic control

Side baffle

 Display screen: stretch in/out    control

     It can fit with touch and display screen

apply for linear    slide rail system

     Front baffle for imbricated type

Electronic button control stretch in    /out

     It can fit with touch and display screen

apply for linear    slide rail system

height angle can    be adjusted


     Electrical control system

     Electrical control configuration

PLC、control mold


Converter, small    relay


Small braker,    limit switch


Power supplier


Touch screen


Control    transformer


Air switch


Switch、button, lamp


optoelectronic    switch


Motor, reducer


Dust stop    control panel


     Display & touch screen

Main hydraulic machine can save    energy, start control type

     Can meet customers requirement to add some functions

Convey system    control

Printer paper    stack height(lower/middle/higher)

Side baffle:    moving control and adjust

Intelligence system

Speed synchronous control



Hydraulic system

System    Configuration



Metering pump


Electronic    control valve(solenoid valve)


Solenoid    directional valve, pilot operated check valve


Check valve


Oil cooler


Oil tank (dipping inside, baking outside).


Hydraulic    cylinder, other    accessories.




     hardware parts

Linear slide rail




Configurations, accessories and brand may be change without    prior notice!

Company Features
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