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Intelligent Fixed Structure Servo Control Printing Slotting Die-Cutting Inline Folding Gluing Countering Ejecting Machine

▶ CNC control system (Intelligent Control)

▶ Independent Servo motor Drive in Each Unit (High Speed and Energy Saving)

▶ Fast Change Order within Two Minutes, Fast Change Printing Plate within 15

seconds. Able to Change 40-150 orders each day. (High Efficiency)

▶ Fast Clean ink within three minutes, lower residual ink

▶ The cardboard conveying adopts the suction up and down belt clamping cardboard system (accurate and stable)

▶ Unique slotting creasing and folding shaped structure (delicate box appearance, the No.1 in this industry) 

“6+1” High Precision Computerized Printing Machine

▶ CNC control system (Intelligent Control

▶ Environmental Protection and Energy Saving, use washable ink   

▶ Printing accuracy can be ±0.15-±0.3mm

▶ Printing plate can be 90-130LPI

▶ Varnishing and die-cutting unit are available

“Jumbo” Printing Slotting Die-Cutting Machine

▶ CNC control system (Intelligent Control)
▶ Environmental Protection and Energy Saving, use washable ink
▶ Apply to box for big household appliances such as refrigerator, air-conditioner, and heavy industrial box, such as motorbike, auto spare parts
▶ Able to print and make honeycomb box

Top & Bottom Printing Slotting Die-Cutting Machine

▶ CNC control system (Intelligent Control)
▶ Environmental Protection and Energy Saving, use washable ink;
▶ Satisfy the needs for exquisite printing in both sides, also be able to die-cut at the same time. It’s specially suit for products that have personalized or anti-fake requirements.

Advanced productivity

We are fitted with a wide variety of equipment such as gantry processing center, CNC lathe and plasma cutting machine. Therefore, we are benefiting from outstanding precision, impressive efficiency, minimum tolerance and amazing productivity. Our paperboard processing machines are the perfect combination of quality and affordability.

Complete quality measures

We apply stringent quality inspection to all production process from material purchase to finished products. For example, we use highly precise dynamic balancing machine to enhance the operation stability of our products. Precision and quality are ensured to be in tune with international standards, resulting in reduced maintenance cost for our customers.

Extra nice service

We have extremely sufficient spare parts in stock, so as to offer timely parts supply to users. Besides, our employees are highly dedicated to delivering superior services such as installation, training and after-sales supports, whereby maximizing customers’ productivity.

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