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PP Strapping Machine Manufacturer in China

Automatic vertical strapping machine adopts PLC control and electric driven, high-speed working, saving labor and with high working efficiency.
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PP Strapping Machine Manufacturer in China

Carton Strapping Machine Standard Features:

1.Energy-saving and wear-free direct drive DC sealer.

2.Robust construction with new unibody sheet metal cabinetry.

3.Easy strap coil change.

4.When strap coil is depleted, remaining strap is automatically ejected out of machine.

5.Large accumulator capacity ideal for bulk-bin applications.

6.Roller conveyors swing wide open for easy sealer access.

7.Forms and ejects strap loops if accidentally cycled without a bundle. Avoids jamming.

8.Precision single piece strap track for positive control and exceptional feed reliability.

9.Heavy duty casters, two lockable.

10.Double full-width pneumatic compression bars for bundle stability during strapping operation.

Auto Strapping Machine Technical Data

Installation length: 764mm

Working Height: 870 – 1040 mm(adjustable)

Capacity (at table belt speed of 0.6m/s):

20-22packages / minute for single strapping;

10-12 packages/minute for double strapping


Standard machine grade 5mm PP straps

Strap Coil Dispenser:

Core Diameter: 200mm

Core Width: 190mm

Electrical Power:

Voltage: 220V, 50/60 Hz, 1PH, 16 A CEE-plug

Power Consumption: 1.2KW


Operating Pressure:6 bar, 1/4 inch rapid dutch

Air consumption:8.5 l/cycles

Frame Size: 




Our Team:

For the time being, we have more than 300 employees in our team, and have our own R&D, manufacturing, sales and after-sales service department, with our strict production and experienced construction team, taking the professional route and providing one-stop service for our customers.

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