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Guangzhou Keshenglong Carton Packing Machine Co.,Ltd.


▷  Import two sets of Japan Okuma Double Column Machining Center.


▷ Bottom Printing Up Folding, full Servo control, movable structure Flexo Printer Folder Gluer was successfully launched.

▷Was awarded the "Made in China 2025 "  in Guangzhou honor pilot demonstration enterprises, domestic printing machine production volume of the largest leading enterprise, 

corrugated carton industry is now by the provincial ministry committee declared global single product sales champion.


▷ Acquisition of Shinko Machine Mfg. Co.,Ltd.(Japan) successfully in July, and set up new company Shinko Machine Co.,Ltd.. The R&D Manufacture Base keeps in Osaka, Japan. Meanwhile, another production base was set up in Guangzhou, China.


▷ In the United States Orlando City held a Super Corrugated exhibition, the successful launch of K7-1628 "3 +1" Top&Bottom Printer Rotary Die-Cutter machine.

▷Guangdong academician expert enterprise workstation.


▷ Honored "Guangdong Province Engineering Technology Research and Development Center";
▷ Guangzhou City "municipal enterprise technology center";
▷ Guangzhou Panyu District Top 50 advanced manufacturing enterprises 

▷Our boss Mr.He Guosheng was awarded as an outstanding entrepreneur of packaging industry in China

▷The successful launch of fixed servo control printing slotting die-cutting machine, "6 +1" servo control high-precision printing die-cutting machine.


▷ To create research and production base in Shanghai
▷ And Italy TENACE companies work together to introduce first-class automated logistics system, as TENACE company in Asia, the only production base;
▷ Vice president unit of the eighth China Packaging Federation


▷ Mass production "6 +1" high - definition printing slotting die - cutting machine.


▷ In order to meet constantly increasing demands, we introduced plenty of processing equipment and high speed automatic machines. Therefore, we were capable of manufacturing 150 sets each year.


▷ Digital high-speed high-performance printing slotting die-cutting equipment to obtain the Guangzhou Municipal Science and Technology Progress Award.


▷ "Enterprise of observing contract and valuing credit" in Guangdong for 10 years.


▷ We employed highly precise dynamic balancing machine, thus the working stability of our corrugated case machine was increased and enhanced. In the same year, we were awarded the Third Prize of Technology Improvement in China.


▷ Won the "measurement assurance system to confirm the certificate of competency";
▷ China 's first launch of "high - definition printing presses", "under the printing of automatic printing press flat bed die - cutting machine";


▷ We cooperated with Guangdong University of Technology to develop KYSX-1200×2400 bottom print type printer. This printer was awarded the Second Prize of Science and Technology of Guangzhou City 2006.


▷ A large number of CNC lathe and other supportive equipment was introduced to meet increasing market demands. With the aid of high speed automatic equipment, we were able to manufacture 50 sets every year. Besides, we also used advanced technology from aboard for the launch of in-line automatic folder-gluer counter ejector.


▷Won the "Guangzhou Famous Trademark"    

▷The first company launched high speed water-based bottom printer slotter with lead edge feeder and Vacuum transfer in China.


▷  We moved to another new plant which had the area of 66,000 square meters. Meanwhile, we brought in three sets of gantry processing centers, which are 3 meters, 4 meters and 6 meters, to further promote productivity. In the same year, we launched high speed water-based printer slotter with lead edge feed, vaccum transfer.


▷ Won the "high-tech enterprises in Guangdong Province";


▷ SUN Lead Edge Feed was introduced to our machine, we researched and developed KYS series Automatic Printing Slotting Die-Cutting Machine.


▷  We moved to a new plant occupied over 10,000 square meters. We successfully developed and manufactured high speed automatic water-based printer slotter with kick feeder. This paperboard processing machine delivered outstanding productivity.


▷ Guangzhou Keshenglong Carton Packing Machine Co.,Ltd. established on Aug 18, major in manufacuture complete set of equipment applied in manufacture of corrugated case.


▷ Panyu Light Industry Machinery Factory (Guangzhou keshenglong carton packaging machinery Co., Ltd. predecessor) research and development YS series of water-based ink drum printing machine trial success.

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