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Our reputation has been built on an excellent record of sincere and integrated service and technology support. We offer spare parts supply, online troubleshooting, installation, testing, training, software upgrading and maintenance, etc.

1. At the beginning period

We offer exclusive staff and transport service for assistance. Based on our professional sales team and industrial expertise in manufacture of corrugated case equipment, we provide you with optimal purchase plan to meet your requirements and market demand, so as to make the best use of your budget. If possible, we offer you a visit to our customers in your region, so you can benefit from seeing their production process and management system.

2. When you purchase our paperboard processing machines

We offer a list of quick-wear spare parts which is the reference for parts purchase and machine maintenance. We also supply the detailed illustration for equipment installation and groundwork, ensuring the best use of your plant area. If you are new in corrugated case industry, you can send one of your employees to our company and receive free training. We also offer food and accommodation for free.

3. After purchase

We will send exclusive team to your plant for installation and training. The content of training can be adjusted in accordance with your requirements and situations. In addition, every single set of our machines is recorded. The brand, production date and model information of important components are also recorded for convenient technology service afterwards.

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