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  • The Advanced Flexo Printing Machine in the next decade:Guangzhou Keshenglong • Japanese Shinko Help to Create A New Stage for Ever Young Paper in Foshan !
    The Advanced Flexo Printing Machine in the next decade:Guangzhou Keshenglong • Japanese Shinko Help to Create A New Stage for Ever Young Paper in Foshan ! 2020-04-24
    Recently, Ever Young Paper in Foshan, Guangdong province, has ordered several sets of our printing machine, including a set of Shinko Super α-925 fixed full-servo control five colors water-based printerslotter die-cutterfolder gluer machine, and two sets of Model-1400X2400 full-s...
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  •  Jumbo Machine Shipment
    Jumbo Machine Shipment 2020-04-16
    During April 12th~14th, one of our Jumbo size machine Model K1-2200X5300 flexo 2 colors bottom printer slotter rotary die-cutter and inline up folder gluer counter ejector machine was loaded to ship to America. Three days loading, totally 11 containers, including 3*40’H...
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    INTER CORRUGATED EXPO 2019 2019-11-03
    Inter Corrugated Expo 2019 was hosted at Jakarta International Expo from 30thOct. to 2ndNov.2019 by Krista Exhibitions in Kemayoran, Indonesia. KL carton printing machine and our Japan Shinko flexo printer slotterfoler gluer machine attract people’s eyes successfully during the e...
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  •  India Corr 2019
    India Corr 2019 2019-09-08
              India Corr 2019 was held in New Delhi, India from September 4 to September 7, 2019.           Considering of the limited venue, we could not show our printing slotter and die cutting machine at the exhibition, but we brought our corrugated ...
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  • Cambodia International Machinery Industrial Fair
    Cambodia International Machinery Industrial Fair 2019-08-26
    From 22nd – 25th August 2019, our company GUANGZHOU KESHENGLONG CARTON PACKING MACHINE CO.,LTD. took part in the Cambodia International Machinery Industrial Fair, which was held at Diamond Island Convention & Exhibition Centre, Phnom Penh, Cambodia . Driven by the huge flow of people a...
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  • The Group Standard Launching Conference
    The Group Standard Launching Conference 2019-11-30
    "Full Automatic High Speed Corrugated Cardboard Production Line" and "Full Automatic High Speed Corrugated Box Printing Slotting Die Cutting Inline Folding Gluing Countering Ejecting Machine" group standard setting opening meeting in foshan on Nov. 29th, 2019. In order to strengthen learning and com...
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Flexo printing machine cardboard for printing 1-7 colors, and Model 7 occupies the advantage of both top & bottom printing at one time.
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Corrugated flexo printing machine, your best choice in China, Keshenglong; your best choice in the world, Shinko in Japan. Full Servo Motor Control, Fixed Structure
Corrugated Printing Machine Price 2 Color Flexo Printing Machine with Die Cutter
New style Model KLS multicolor machine for printing of corrugated carton box, reliable experience.
Automatic Carton Priner Inline Folder Gluer Prices Corrugated Flexo Printing Machine Made in China
China printing machine inline with folding gluing machine, Shinko Super Alpha meets with your needs for the max mechanic speed 350 pieces per minute.
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Want to make large size carton box ? Our K1 Jumbo machine help you achieve the production goal!
4 Color Flexo Printing Machine Manufacturers Shinko Super Alpha Four Colors Printer Slotter and Die-cutter Machine
Shinko Super Alpha movable type carton box making machine factory, welcome to contact us!
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