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Lead Edge Feeder of Model K4 Apr 22, 2019

Compared to the high-end lead edge flexo printing machine, quite a few customers would select our basic and economical semi automatic carton printing slotting machine Model K4, and the quality in the mean time would never let clients down.

Below are the details of our lead edge feeder of Model K4 printing slotting die cutting machine for carton:

1) The feeding unit open and lock up with printing unit motorized. The unit moves with alarm which to ensure the safety of operators.

2) The emergency stop device is equipped between each unit, which can be operated inside to ensure the safety of the operators.

3) The driving shaft is attached with friction clutch, which avoids damage from miss operation.

4) Pneumatically interlock device.

5) The protection device is equipped with the main motor.(The main motor not be able to start when each unit is not locked).

6)The clearance of side guides and back stop adjust motorized; the front gate adjusted manually with self-locking device, the adjusting data displays on the dial.

7) Skip feeding and continuous feeding are both available (with feeding counter).

8)  The feeding counter can set and show the number of the passed carton sheets.

9) The clean device with double brushes and vacuum absorption system will clear the impurity on the carton sheet so to promote the quality of printing.

10) The up feeding roller wrapped with durable rubber so to improve the friction, with balance emended.

11) The low feeding roller is embossed (improve the friction) and chrome-plated.

12) The clearance between feeding rollers adjusted manually with self-locking device, the adjusting data displays on the dial.

13) The feeding unit, printing unit and slotting unit zero return automatically.

14) The guide wheel wrapped with rubber so to avoid the damage of the carton sheet and improve the accuracy of feeding.

15) The vacuum suction system helps feeding smoothly, which also applies to thin and crooked carton sheet.

16) Feeding distance is adjustable to best match the size of the carton sheet so to minimize the pull pressure applied to the board.

17) Frequency conversion device adjusts the vacuum volume so to meet the different size of carton sheet.

18) Take front edge of the carton sheet as the reference line, reduces the mechanical error, so to improve the quality of the carton box.

semi automatic carton printing slotting machine

lead edge flexo printing machine

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