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Four Production Tips to Make the Carton Groove and Cable More Perfect Oct 16, 2018

In today's fierce competition environment, the rotary die cutting carton machines factory is still producing printing groove molding quality of poor carton.

How to survive? Future implementation of fine management, no details of the rotary die cutting machine manufacturers can be better in quality. Only the perfect combination of technology and experience can produce perfect cartons.

In addition to the advanced grooving technology from Europe introduced above, we would like to introduce four production tips to make the groove and cable of the carton more perfect:

1. Slotting corrugated die cutting machine is a consumable product in the printing device. The slotting cutter should be inspected regularly and the screw should be tightened regularly.

2. Regular production of 3-ply cardboard and 5-ply cardboard, the cutting depth is determined, the cutting of 3-ply cardboard should be shallow, the cutting of 5-ply cardboard should be deep, and at the same time, attention should be paid to whether the chip removal plate of slotting knife block is worn.

3. Generally, the gap of the crushing wheel is 1/2 of the thickness of the cardboard, and the depth of the pressure line is mainly to ensure no rupture. The depth can be adjusted according to the thickness of the paper and crushing wheel.

4. The guide bar of the slotted blade seat plays a transfer role in the cutting board. The height difference between the guide bar and the cutter under the groove shall not be too large.

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