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Two keys to Solve the Problem of Printing Deinking Oct 16, 2018

What is deinking?

The phenomenon of metal ink roller being corroded by the fountain solution, oxidizing and repelling ink. Ink flow on the ink roller is uneven, some places do not stick ink, especially metal roller more serious, often make theflexo printing machineprinting plate blank area, that is, themulticolor flexo printing machineink in the ink roller difficult to transfer. Firstly, the ink is sensitive to the fountain solution (hydrophilic emulsification); Secondly, the ink yield, high thixotropic coefficient, and very strong cohesive force, ink viscosity, but a large consistency.

Pay attention to ink viscosity and wear resistance ink viscosity is one of the biggest causes of deinking. High ink viscosity will slow down the drying of ink, when ink does not dry quickly produced deinking phenomenon.

Solution: if the viscosity of the color produced deviation, it can improve therotary flexo printing machineink powder content, to ensure the ink color accuracy and stability.

The wear resistance of ink. Ink wear resistance is mainly reflected in the ink cohesion and adhesion, when ink cohesion and adhesion reduced ink wear, the ink itself is closely related.

Solution: if after printing ink has been dry, wipe ink with hand or paper has a serious deinking phenomenon, that shows poor wear resistance of ink, which needs to increase wear-resistant agent or new ink.

Paper absorbent low paper absorbent low, so ink absorbency is also natural reduction, ink floating on the surface of paper is very easy to produce deinking.

Solution: First of all, improve the paper by the paper heat damage fiber and paper rubber layer, thereby improve the ink absorption of the paper, and in the printing ink to enhance the permanent use, so that better prevent the printing deinking phenomenon.

To sum up, deinking is common, and each deinking reason is different, and the effect will be better if the real reason is found and the appropriate method is sought for improvement.

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