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Two Common Problems While Printing Oct 26, 2018

Flexo printing machine process is complex, and printing is one of the most important procedures. Following are two common problems that would appear while printing.

一.Network congestion

Flexo Printing Machine for Corrugated Carton Box, the printing network blockage is relatively common, and network blockage and print has a certain relationship. When making the printing plate, the roller and the number of line plate production do not match, if make it too high will appear stoppage phenomenon. In general, the proportion of anilox roller and printing plate is 1:4.5, that is to say, the anilox roller is 250 mesh, if the network line is 65 line, there will be network printing blockage.

二.Printing white

If the printing plate hardness is higher than 45 degrees, when using flexo printing machine single color, the printing large block is very easy to appear white. As the printing plate’s hardness is too high, then it will reduce the printing version of the ink transfer, which is directly reduce the use of ink, and paper can not get enough ink cover, finally causing printing white phenomenon. More about Carton box flexo printing machine or other flexo printing machine here!

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